Vortragsreihe (Frühjahrssemester 2014): Cultural Materiality – Concepts at stake in Comparative Manuscript Studies

The manuscript, in its wide variety of forms and physical carriers, is the primary medium of source material for studying the pre-modern world across disciplines and cultures. The existence of shared concepts and methods in the field of manuscript studies suggests the potential of an integrated approach to manuscript traditions in a broader cross-cultural comparative perspective. This lecture series, structured as a set of six lectures concluded by a roundtable discussion, fosters such a comparative perspective by inviting experts on three manuscript traditions (Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew) to address a few key questions in the field of manuscript studies. The main focus of the series will be on the manuscript as a physical object, the interaction and dialogue of its materiality with the written text, the circumstances of its production, reproduction and transmission down through the ages, and on its function and use at different times and places in the history of oral and written communication.

Die Vorlesungsreihe "Cultural Materiality" wird organisiert von Dr. Lisa Indraccolo, Dr. James Weaver und Phillip Lasater.