Vortragsreihe (Frühjahrssemester 2015): Constitutional Reform and Social Change in Asia and the Middle East: Law, Politics and Theory

Constitutional reforms are being discussed and/or implemented in different regional contexts today. These endeavors develop in a context of increased transnationalization of norms and orders. Yet, they also vary from one region to the other. Furthermore, while debates on constitutional reform do not always lead to concrete changes of the Constitution they can evoke the emergence of new constitutional interpretations and lead to the transformation of norms. This lecture series aims therefore at inviting experts in the field of constitutional reform to present constitutional debates in different regional settings (namely Japan, India and the Middle East) and to analyze ensuing political transformations, normative changes and emerging new discursive patterns.

Conveners: Dr. Yasmine Berriane, Prof. Dr. David Chiavacci, Prof. Dr. Matthias Mahlmann