Public lecture series (Spring 2012): Circulating Norms – Human Rights and Gender in a Globalized World

Norms and conceptions of order circulate along with people, goods and money in a globalised world. Transnational human and women’s rights are of great significance in this context. Despite their claim to universal validity such norms have not only a concrete historical origin but also a specific institutional form as legal-political standards. Their circulation and implementation at a variety of scales stretching from the supranational to the local is mediated by several actors ranging from supranational institutions to nation-state actors and from transnational NGOs to local grassroots intiatives.

In this series of public lectures three internationally renowned scholars analyze from their own disciplinary perspectives the tensions generated by the global circulation, translation and domestication of transnational standards in various contexts.
The lecture series "Circulating Norms" is organized by the URPP Research Field 3: Norms and Social Order(s).